What Are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Have you heard of gum disease? The antagonist silently sabotages our smiles, exhibiting signs that, unfortunately, many of us notice a little late. The harmful condition occurs when bacteria strike the periodontal tissue, causing an infection that eats away your gums. You can prevent the pesky infection from harming your oral health by keeping an eye out for the possible indicators of its presence. So, what are the symptoms of gum disease? Read this blog for a thorough discussion on this topic.

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    What Causes Gum Disease?

    Dentists always recommend regular brushing, flossing, and teeth cleaning appointments — and for the right reasons! You see when you do not keep up with your oral hygiene, it allows harmful bacteria to thrive in your mouth. Over time, plaque forms and slowly hardens into tartar, which builds up in your gum line. As a result, the periodontal tissue becomes infected, which can have dire consequences.

    Factors such as smoking, hormonal changes in females, diabetes, AIDS, certain medications, and underlying illnesses are some risk factors for periodontal disease. You will need to visit a periodontist to receive treatment for the gum infection.

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    Symptoms of Gum Disease

    If you have gum disease, the symptoms will not be limited to the gums. In fact, the rest of your mouth may show signs of periodontal disease as well; you just have to be keen enough to pick on them. So, what does gum disease look like? Below, we will list the symptoms:

    1. Bleeding Gums
    A primary sign of periodontal disease is bleeding gums. You may notice this, especially when you are brushing your teeth, flossing, and sometimes even randomly. While bleeding gums do indicate other issues, you should confirm the underlying cause. Usually, people ignore bleeding gums, but you should consult a periodontist right away; you may detect the condition in the early stages.

    2. Gum Recession
    Do your teeth seem to be getting taller? Unlike other parts of the body, teeth do not grow longer once they have erupted out of your gums. What might be happening, though, is that your gums are starting to pull back. Receding gums are another common symptom of periodontal disease, and they can lead to irreversible damage.

    3. Constant Bad Breath
    Bad breath is a common concern, yes. Not brushing your teeth or eating something like garlic can leave an unpleasant odor on your breath. But there is more to the issue than it seems if you try meticulous oral hygiene products, and the bad breath just won’t go away. Gum disease, too, is a possible culprit of persistent bad odor since the bacteria festering in the gum pockets releases foul-smelling gases. Visit a dental specialist to learn the cause!

    4. Increased Gum Sensitivity
    Gum disease symptoms will bring forth discomfort and pain. Your gums may become increasingly sensitive to extreme temperatures. Therefore, when something cold or hot comes in contact with your teeth and gums, you will experience discomfort.

    5. Redness & Swelling
    Your gums will turn red and swollen when they are infected. If you notice your gums no longer have a snuggly, pink appearance, you may want to check in with a periodontist for a detailed examination.

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    Final Wrap Up

    Gum disease occurs due to poor oral hygiene, smoking, underlying conditions, and other factors. If you suspect you have this condition, your gums will bleed, recede, become sensitive, have redness, become swollen, and more. These are all signs of gum disease and need to be examined by a periodontist!

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