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ACE Dental of Bellmead is pleased to offer compassionate, affordable dental care to local families in Bellmead, TX. Our office specializes in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are in need of a comprehensive dental exam, tooth extraction, dentures, smile makeover, or Invisalign, we got you covered. Explore our full list of services below.

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Dental exams are routine forms of oral care that are performed to assess and keep track of the overall health of your teeth, gums, and jawbone.

Digital x-rays produce less radiation than traditional films and allow our team to screen for oral conditions that are not visible to the naked eye.

Dental cleanings are performed on a routine basis to remove plaque, tartar, and surface stains from your teeth and reduce your risk of oral disease.

Dental sealants are thin protective coatings that are applied to the top surfaces of the premolars and molars to safeguard the enamel from bacteria.

Topical fluoride treatments are commonly applied during dental cleanings to help strengthen tooth enamel and minimize the risk of dental cavities.

Our family dentists in Bellmead, TX focus on meeting the oral health needs of patients in every stage of life, from childhood to the late adult years.

Cone beam technology generates 3D oral images that show the teeth, jawbone, soft tissues of the mouth, and facial nerves in highly diagnostic detail.

Root canal therapy is a common but more intensive form of treatment that is used to remove contaminated pulp caused by an infection or severe decay.

Night guards are devices that are made of flexible material to protect the upper and lower jaw from damage due to nocturnal grinding of the teeth.

Athletic mouth guards are removable fixtures that are customized to protect the teeth from damage during contact sports and other physical activities.

Pediatric dental services include cleanings, sealants, extractions, and more, and are designed to meet the unique needs of young children and teens.

Sleep apnea treatment involves the use of a custom-made appliance that is used to gently push the lower jaw forward to keep airways open during sleep.

Our emergency dentists in Bellmead, TX provide fast, efficient treatment for broken teeth, toothaches or pain, soft tissue injuries, and more.

Advanced dental technology, such as digital x-rays and impressions, can allow for enhanced diagnostics, patient comfort, and treatment outcomes.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of composite resin to match the natural shade of your enamel to treat small cavities, minor chips, and worn teeth.

Dental crowns are specially crafted caps that fit over damaged teeth to provide optimal support and protection for better oral function and health.

Dentures are custom-made appliances that are designed to restore missing teeth in the upper and/or lower arches to achieve a natural-looking smile.

A dental bridge is an oral appliance that consists of crowns and one or more false teeth to restore the function and appearance of one's smile.

Full-mouth reconstruction consists of multiple dental treatments to boost the overall health, look, and function of the teeth, gums, and jaw.

Veneers are tooth-colored caps that fit over the surface of the front teeth to conceal minor cosmetic concerns, like cracks, stains, and small gaps.

A smile makeover is a treatment plan that consists of a collection of different cosmetic procedures to enhance the overall appearance of your smile.

Dental bonding and contouring is a cosmetic procedure that uses tooth-colored resin to correct cracks, discoloration, and other minor cosmetic issues.

Home-teeth whitening treatments are personalized kits that include custom trays and prescription whitening gel to improve the color of your teeth.

In-office teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic treatment that uses professional-grade solutions to instantly brighten the color of your natural teeth.

Our facility can perform simple and surgical tooth extraction of damaged, severely decayed, or impacted teeth as well as wisdom teeth extraction.

Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots for missing teeth and are used to secure dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Periodontal disease, also commonly known as gum disease, is a progressive condition that negatively impacts the health of the gums and teeth.

Periodontal treatment is a collection of surgical and nonsurgical dental procedures that are used to effectively treat all stages of gum disease.

Sinus lifts are designed to alter the position of the sinus floor and insert bone grafting material in the jawbone to prep for dental implants.

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that uses some type of bone tissue to help rebuild missing bone in the jaw that has deteriorated over time.

Ridge preservation is a surgical procedure that uses bone material to fill a vacant tooth socket of a recently extracted tooth to conserve bone mass.

Invisalign treatment is a brand of orthodontics that uses clear, flexible aligners to gradually straighten crooked teeth and improve a poor bite.

Dental malocclusion refers to the abnormal alignment of the jaw and teeth, which is generally identified as an overbite, underbite, or crossbite.

Nitrous oxide gas is inhaled through the nose during dental treatments to help anxious patients feel more relaxed and at ease when receiving care.

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