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what is a root canal?

Damaged and deteriorating teeth are usually addressed using a filling or a different form of treatment when they are identified and dealt with in a timely manner. But when the damage makes it to the center of the tooth, sometimes known as the pulp, root canal treatment is potentially required to restore dental health and prevent the need for removal. A root canal is an advanced service provided at ACE Dental of Bellmead to remove infected tissue and safeguard the vulnerable tooth for optimal oral function. Our seasoned team is highly trained in performing root canal therapy and can incorporate sedation dentistry to keep you calm and relaxed. If you suspect an infection or are suffering from severe tooth pain, contact our office in Bellmead, TX to schedule a dental exam to restore the health of your smile. 

who is a good Candidate for Root Canal therapy?

Infected inner pulp is often caused by a bacterial infection or extreme tooth decay. Our team will order a digital scan and perform a thorough dental exam to decide if a root canal or a different treatment is necessary to alleviate tooth pain and improve your oral health. A few of the symptoms that can suggest you need a root canal include intense or dull tooth discomfort, pain when eating, and sensitivity to warm and cold temperatures. You may also experience inflammation or swelling of the gums or have an obvious boil near the infected tooth.

how is a root canal done?

At ACE Dental of Bellmead, root canal therapy is performed with local anesthesia and often paired with sedation dentistry for greater comfort. Once the tooth is numb, a small opening will be created in the top of the tooth to gain access to the inner canal. The infected pulp will then be removed and the tooth's canal will be reshaped and thoroughly disinfected. From there, the tooth will be filled with a specialized material and sealed to enable optimal healing. In some cases, a crown may be needed to protect large fillings or restore normal function to severely damaged teeth. This is usually done at a later time once your tooth has fully healed after root canal therapy.

what should i expect after root canal treatment?

Any discomfort you were experiencing prior to your procedure should begin to subside once the root canal has been completed. Nonprescription pain relievers may also be taken to reduce any aches or puffiness that develops after your treatment. We will schedule a follow-up visit a few weeks after your procedure so we can monitor your recovery. If needed, we'll also determine when it's time to place a crown to further guard your tooth and boost oral function. Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy are generally more susceptible to damage or cracking, which is why it's important to maintain good oral hygiene habits at home and keep up with biannual dental exams. 

is root canal treatment covered by dental insurance?

Oftentimes, root canal therapy is paid for in part by dental insurance. One of our financial specialists will get in touch with your insurance company to confirm any coverage and calculate your out-of-pocket expenses. At ACE Dental of Bellmead, we accept multiple forms of payment, including most major credit cards, and can help you find low-interest medical financing.

Root Canal Therapy FAQ

Is root canal therapy painful?
Root canal therapy in Bellmead, TX does not have to be painful. In fact, at our dental facility, we utilize advanced dental technology and sedation dentistry, so your root canal shouldn't cause any more pain than a standard filling. It's our goal to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

What are the alternatives to a root canal?
Unfortunately, the only alternative to a root canal would be tooth extraction. However, if a tooth can be saved through a root canal, we highly suggest this endodontic option, as missing teeth can cause problems to your oral health down the road.

How long does it take to recover from a root canal?
We will give you detailed instructions on how to properly heal from your root canal. It should only take a few days to recover, but it's important you follow our instructions to ensure you heal properly. If you're nervous about the root canal recovery process, we will do our best to reassure you of the safety and benefits of this procedure in order to optimize your dental health.

Save Your teeth today

Damaged or severely decayed teeth may result in a host of dental concerns if left untreated. However, thanks to modern dentistry, a root canal at ACE Dental of Bellmead may be performed to restore the look, health, and function of your tooth. Contact our office in Bellmead, TX to schedule a dental exam with our caring team today. We look forward to serving you and your family. 

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