Root Canal Therapy in Bellmead, TX

Root Canal Therapy in Bellmead, TX

Is your fear of root canals stopping you from getting on the dentist’s chair? Many individuals are afraid to visit the dentist’s office when they have dental troubles because they fear the root canal procedure. However, pain is wrongly associated with a root canal — it is just a symptom you might need endodontic treatment. Therefore, root canal therapy itself is not painful; the indications are. Hence, you should not neglect your dental health if you feel pain, sensitivity, and other discomforts. Our skilled endodontists in Bellmead, TX, offer comfortable and pain-free root canal treatment. You will walk out of our dental office with no pain and a restored natural tooth — it is a win-win!

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    Signs You Need Root Canal Therapy

    When the dental cavity is left untreated, it allows bacteria to enter the innermost pulp of your tooth, causing an infection. In addition, tooth trauma or injury can also let bacteria enter your tooth. In such cases, a dental filling is not enough — your tooth needs endodontic treatment to eliminate the infection. Our endodontist offers root canal therapy in Bellmead, TX, to treat the infection and eliminate the painful symptoms. Apart from pain, the following symptoms signify that you need immediate dental attention.

    • Constant toothache, ranging from dull to sharp pain
    • Heightened sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli
    • Growing tenderness
    • Swollen gum or facial tissues
    • Discomfort when biting or eating
    • Abscess near the tooth
    • The tooth or surrounding gums turn darker

    If you have these symptoms, we would recommend visiting our dental experts. We examine your mouth in detail to determine if you need a root canal procedure. With our endodontist’s effective treatment, the painful symptoms would be a thing of the past. Furthermore, the root canal saves your tooth, preventing further decay.

    Questions About Root Canal Therapy?

    How Our Endodontist Performs Root Canal Therapy in Bellmead, TX

    Our root canal procedure in Bellmead, TX, is fairly painless. First, we will conduct a dental exam to identify the affected tooth and check how far the infection has spread. In addition, we might conduct a digital dental x-ray to study the pulp tissues and how much they are affected. If you require endodontic treatment, we will make sure your comfort is not compromised during the procedure.

    Before the root canal procedure, our team will inject a local anesthetic near the problematic tooth. After ensuring the area is completely numb and pain-free, the root canal procedure begins. Tell the dentist if you feel any discomfort, no matter how minor. Our dental specialist will drill an access hole and remove the damaged pulp tissue. Then, we will thoroughly clean and disinfect the canal of your root. The next step involves placing a dental material called gutta-percha in the canal and sealing it with a paste. But this is not where the procedure ends; the endodontist will close the access hole with the help of dental restoration. If your tooth is severely weakened or damaged, we might place a dental crown to keep it safe.

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    They got me in on the same day. Thank goodness because I was in a lot of pain and my tooth was pulled with minimum fuss and zero pain.
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    This was my first visit to ACE Dental. Everyone was super nice. The doctor took the time to listen to my complaints and explained things to me.
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    The staff was adorable and extremely patient and help the Dr. was very hospitable and professional
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    I like this Dentist it was very perfect the workers were very nice and respectful to my girls I will recommend this Dentist to anyone
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    Does Dental Insurance Cover Root Canal Therapy In Bellmead, TX?

    Usually, dental insurance plans include coverage for root canal therapy in Bellmead, TX. We will contact your provider to become familiar with your benefits and reduce any personal costs. ACE Dental of Bellmead also offers multiple convenient payment plans. Visit us for exceptional dental services at an affordable price!

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