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What Are Digital Dental X-Rays?

At ACE Dental of Bellmead, we use an advanced digital x-ray system to detect oral conditions that cannot be viewed with the naked eye. Dental x-rays show the internal areas of the teeth and jawbone and enable the diagnosis of issues that may be hidden by the gums. We routinely take x-rays during dental exams and as needed to gain a further understanding of your oral health or identify treatment needs as early as possible. Certain conditions can only be visualized through an x-ray assessment, including infected tooth roots, bone loss, tooth impactions, and cavities between the teeth. When such dental problems are detected early, we can often provide more minimally invasive treatment options. Contact us today for more on how digital dental x-rays in Bellmead, TX, can help enhance your oral health.

Why Are Dental X-rays Needed?

Digital dental radiography may be recommended for children and adults and are often a vital component of a comprehensive exam, emergency dental visit, and certain procedures, such as root canal therapy. These images provide the opportunity to screen for tooth decay between the teeth, tumors in the jaw, cysts, dental abscesses, impacted wisdom teeth, and damaged restorations, among other conditions. While our digital imaging system generates much less radiation than traditional x-rays and is safe for most individuals, our Bellmead, TX team strives to minimize patient exposure. Patients who are pregnant (or who could be) are advised to let us know ahead of time so that certain precautions can be taken.

What Is the Digital Imaging Process?

Our dentists may recommend handheld digital x-rays on a preventive basis, such as during routine exams, to assess urgent or acute dental issues, or when needed in order to provide care. Digital x-rays are generally taken at the beginning of a visit and typically only require a few minutes to complete. Many patients even find our digital system to be more comfortable than traditional x-rays. To begin, we will place a small sensor in your mouth and quickly capture the x-rays. These images, which will show your teeth and surrounding bone, will be transmitted to our computer in a matter of seconds. After your x-rays have been taken, our team will review the images with you and discuss any dental conditions that we see.

How Often Are Dental X-Rays Taken?

In general, our team recommends having bitewing x-rays taken each year to screen for bone loss and tooth decay and to detect oral conditions as early as possible. We may take a full series of panoramic x-rays every 3 – 5 years to evaluate your tooth root and jawbone health or to identify orthodontic or other treatment needs. Periapical x-rays, which show a tooth and the surrounding area, are generally taken to assess tooth pain, broken teeth, or other acute issues. Once x-rays are completed, they are kept safe in your digital chart and referred to as needed during your treatment.

Will Insurance Cover Dental X-rays?

Digital dental x-rays in Bellmead, TX, are typically covered under dental insurance plans at certain intervals. Since coverage and frequency differ among providers and plans, a member of our billing team will review your individual policy and let you know of any potential costs for your care. At ACE Dental of Bellmead, we are happy to accept a range of payment methods and will be glad to help you explore budget-friendly financial options.

Digital X-rays FAQ

Are digital dental x-ray in Bellmead, TX safe? 
Yes. Digital dental x-rays emit a low amount of radiation, and even considerably less than other types of medical x-rays. If you are worried about radiation exposure or have more questions on whether or not your x-ray is safe, reach out to our team.

How often do I need digital dental radiography? 
For our patients in Bellmead, TX, a handheld digital x-ray is needed yearly. Our dental team will identify any concerns and make adjustments if needed. A yearly exam helps to keep your current oral health in check and allows the dentist to notice any changes or concerns.

Are digital dental x-rays better than traditional x-rays?
With digital x-rays, results will be available in real-time. This allows us to quickly diagnose any problems so that we can treat them promptly. The x-rays are also higher resolution, meaning that we can see problem issues or concerns clearly on the x-ray.

Why is a handheld digital x-ray important?
Receiving a dental x-ray in Bellmead, TX, at least once a year ensures that your oral health is maintained. While our dentists do oral examinations, a digital x-ray helps to see under the surface. A digital x-ray provides a full picture of your oral health, ensuring that we can offer the best treatment for you.

Identify Hidden cavities and Other Concerns

Digital dental x-rays increase the safety, quality, and efficiency of care and can help us detect dental conditions as early as possible. These images provide our Bellmead, TX dentists with an in-depth view of your teeth and jaw so that we may address any oral needs before your health and smile are further impacted. Find out more about the benefits of digital dental x-rays by scheduling a consultation at ACE Dental of Bellmead.

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