Athletic Mouth Guards in Bellmead, TX

Athletic Mouth Guards in Bellmead, TX

Participating in physical activities, such as sports, is essential to stay fit and active. However, these activities can increase the likelihood of mouth, teeth, and jaw injuries. To preserve your teeth and jawbone from any potential harm, our team in Bellmead, TX is proud to provide custom-fit athletic mouth guards. Our mouth guards are a win-win — you are not only prioritizing your physical health but your dental health too.

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    We, at ACE Dental, provide mouthguards that will adjust in your mouth perfectly. This way, your teeth will be protected from any sport-related dental injuries. So, if you’re looking for an athletic mouthguard in Bellmead, visit our dental office today! Our expert dental specialists will guide you on the many benefits of using an athletic mouthguard. And, unlike store-bought mouthguards, our oral appliance is tailored to fit in your mouth.

    What Are Athletic Mouth Guards?

    So, what exactly are athletic mouthguards? These are dental appliances that are designed to shield your teeth, gums, and jawbone from injuries. Also known as sports mouthguards, our appliances are pretty effective for those who play low or high-impact sports, be it an adult or a kid. Hence, whether you participate in volleyball, soccer, hockey, cricket, or any other sport — there is a risk of dental injury. Therefore, we recommend athletic mouthguards to everyone who indulges in such physical activities. If you live in Bellmead, TX, our experienced team can customize a sports mouthguard for you.

    Questions About Athletic Mouth Guards?

    Why Wear Athletic Mouth Guards

    According to the American Dental Association (ADA), any individual indulging in activities that could result in mouth injury should wear a sports mouth guard. It might seem more convenient to buy a ready-made mouthguard. But, in reality, getting custom-made athletic mouthguards from our dental office in Bellmead, TX, is far more effective. We ensure that the oral appliance is a perfect fit for you, adjusting in your mouth with no issues. When you put on our sports mouthguard, you are entitled to the following amazing benefits:

    • Protection from high-impact injuries to your teeth, gums, and jaws
    • Reduced risk of broken teeth
    • Prevention from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) damage
    • A low possibility of concussion and brain injuries

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    Procedure of Getting Athletic Mouth Guards in Bellmead, TX

    Our process of designing a customized mouthguard for you is pretty simple. Our team begins the procedure by taking impressions, either digital or physical. We then use these impressions to create a customized athletic mouthguard made for you. After the impressions are sent to the dental lab, our skilled technicians use high-quality materials to design your mouthguards. Our team will call you to the dental office once your mouthguard is ready.

    In the second appointment, our dental experts will assess the adjustment of the mouthguard. Our Bellmead dentists make sure your athletic mouth guard is comfortable. Moreover, we will make any adjustments required when you receive your mouthguard. Before you leave our dental office, we will instruct you on how to properly take care of your athletic mouthguard.

    Does Insurance Cover Athletic Mouth Guards In Bellmead, TX?

    Not everyone’s insurance plan is the same; it’s possible that your dental insurance plan offers partial coverage for the mouth guard. This is why our billing specialist will talk to your provider. This way, we can learn about your benefits. At ACE Dental, we aim to provide you with affordable mouth guards. Therefore, we aim to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

    In case you don’t carry insurance, you can look forward to an affordable payment plan at our dental clinic for your athletic mouthguards in Bellmead.

    Protect Your Teeth, Today!

    Visit our dentists today to get your custom-fit sports mouthguards. ACE Dental provides effective treatments for the residents of Bellmead. Contact us today and learn all about the benefits of athletic mouthguards.

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