Do Cavities Cause Bad Breath?

Are you dealing with bad breath? If you have a cavity, you should know the trouble they can cause over time if left untreated. From pain to tooth loss, in the long run, there is a lot to worry about if you have tooth decay. So, do cavities cause bad breath? Read this blog to learn!

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    What is a Cavity?

    Before we address the query, let us discuss what a cavity is. It starts developing when the sugars from your foods react with the bad bacteria in your mouth, forming plaque. Plaque slowly eats away the dental enamel and slowly works its way into the inner parts of the tooth, leaving pits or a hole in the affected tooth.

    The dentist might spot it when you visit the dental office for your regular check-up. It is better to get rid of the cavity before it advances and leads to dire circumstances!

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    How Do Cavities Cause Bad Breath?

    Your mouth houses bacteria, but not all of it smells unpleasant. The bacteria that plaque consists of usually has a bad smell. Therefore, bacteria are the primary reason that cavities cause bad breath. In short, the cavity is not directly responsible for the odor but the bacteria present within it. People usually describe the smell as sulfur, which is how halitosis (bad breath) smells regardless of the cause.

    It is important to note that a cavity itself does not smell. So, if you have bad breath associated with a cavity, it is due to bacteria from the plaque buildup. You should consult your dentist if you have bad breath that does not go away with proper oral hygiene!

    Bad Breath after Dental Fillings

    You may be wondering if cavities still cause bad breath after dental filling procedure. To answer, yes, the bad breath might improve after you receive a cavity filling. When the dentist detects the cavity, they will treat it accordingly to prevent it from getting worse. For early-stage cavities, fluoride treatments can help, whereas dental fillings might be the right answer for more severe cases.

    Tips for Eliminating Bad Breath

    If you are struggling with bad breath, it can be really embarrassing. You would want a solution to the problem that eliminates the odor so that you can laugh and talk freely. Here are some ways to deal with bad breath:

    • Use a fluoride toothpaste to brush twice daily
    • Make sure you properly brush your teeth for 2 minutes at a time
    • Floss every day
    • Cut back on sugary foods and beverages
    • Eat more healthy and crunchy foods, such as apples and carrots
    • Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated
    • Prevent dry mouth by chewing sugar-free gum
    • Stay away from tobacco products

    You should also remember to visit your dentist regularly for professional teeth cleaning and examination. They can examine your mouth for any potential issues, such as cavities, and address chronic breath.

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    Final Takeaway

    Cavities can bring forth many symptoms, and you will experience dental troubles if they progress. Bad breath could result from the bacteria inside the cavity. Therefore, if you suspect a cavity, you should receive treatment to prevent severe consequences. A dentist will also help you discover if you have chronic bad breath due to cavities or another underlying issue.

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