The Dos and Don’ts of Eating After Dental Implant Surgery

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Our expert team at ACE Dental of Bellmead offers quality dental implants for all our patients that will make anyone’s smile look its best. If you have just had dental implant surgery in Bellmead, TX, you may be curious about the rules for eating after your surgery. The foods you can eat following your surgery will vary depending on how long it has been since the procedure. Here are a few pointers about what you can consume while in recovery from dental implant surgery.

What you can eat during the first six hours after dental implant surgery

During the first six hours following the procedure:

  • Do eat soft foods, like yogurt, pudding, applesauce, and mashed potatoes.
  • Do chew your foods away from the surgical sites.
  • Do consume enough calories and proteins at this point. It is easier for your body to recover from surgery if you have enough protein.
  • Do increase your water intake. Since you will have limits over what foods you can handle at the start, be sure to keep drinking water.
  • Don’t consume hot foods, as they may irritate the area and promote swelling.
  • Don’t try chewing anything until you start to feel a sensation in your tongue again. You will likely feel numb in the area after the procedure, although you should get the feeling in your tongue back again after a few hours.

What you can eat after the first six hours

ACE Dental of Bellmead in Bellmead, TX also recommends these points after the first six hours:

  • Do eat soft foods, like pasta, pancakes, and cooked vegetables. These foods are easier to consume at this point.
  • Don’t skip any meals in the process. Keep on with your diet while watching how you eat.
  • Continue eating away from the implant site.
  • Do keep consuming water, but make sure the water isn’t overly hot. Cold water keeps the area comfortable, plus it prevents excess swelling in the process.

What to eat and drink during the first week after your dental implant surgery

There are a few additional points to use during the first week after your procedure:

  • Don’t consume alcoholic or carbonated beverages, as they may be too acidic.
  • Don’t eat anything abrasive, like seeds, nuts, and chips. These items may irritate the implant site, plus some parts might stick in the area and become stuck, impacting the healing process.
  • Don’t use straws when drinking. The excess pressure you produce from drinking through a straw can hurt the integrity of the implant site.
  • Do consume more protein for energy. Broiled fish or ground beef are good sources of protein that aren’t overly hard.
  • Do watch whatever liquids you consume, as anything with excessive sugars might irritate the area. Milkshakes are useful for adding protein to your diet, but they should not have more sugar than necessary.
  • You should be ready to get back to a normal diet about a week after the procedure, although you should still take it easy here. Don’t rush your way back to your original diet, as doing so may be too risky.

Where can I find more information about dental implant surgery in Bellmead, TX?

Dental implants can look amazing, but you must ensure you keep a healthy diet after the procedure. You can always contact our team at ACE Dental of Bellmead if you have any other questions on how the process works. You can visit us in Bellmead, TX and learn about your dentist's approach to dental implants, plus you can also schedule a consultation for a procedure. We are open on Saturdays, giving you more time to contact us for help.

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