Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

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We strive to save all your teeth at ACE Dental of Bellmead, but sometimes an extraction is inevitable. Or maybe an injury or other misfortune has led to tooth loss. No matter the cause, missing teeth are common, with more than 120 million Americans missing at least one of their pearly whites. Leaving the issue unresolved can lead to future problems, so it’s in one’s best interest to correct it.

Therefore, we’re proud to offer our patients the smile-saving, health-restoring benefits of dental implants. We utilize numerous types depending on your needs and dental structure, helping you flash a full smile once again. To explore your options, please reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with our expert team in Bellmead, TX.

Am I a good candidate for a dental implant or implants?

Dental implants may provide a restorative option for those missing a tooth or multiple teeth, or those requiring an extraction due to decay, injury, or some other cause. And when we see you at ACE Dental of Bellmead, we can evaluate if you’re a good candidate for dental implants in Bellmead, TX.

However, even if you are not currently a good candidate for an implant doesn’t mean you’ll have to live with a missing tooth or teeth. If you’re affected by gum disease, our full-spectrum dental services can remove the bacterial threat and improve the quality of your gum tissue.

In fact, it’s vital to seek professional assistance to help avoid periodontal disease, which causes gum recession and damage to the teeth, gingiva, and possibly the jawbone.

Additionally, some may not be great implant candidates because they do not have sufficient bone mass in the jaw. In such cases, a bone graft can strengthen this area and allow the insertion of a dental implant. Therefore, detecting and planning for these potential complications and deciding the best course of action is an essential part of your initial consultation in Bellmead, TX.

How can a dental implant restore my smile?

Healthy teeth are held firm by robust roots. Once a tooth is missing, we cannot securely position an implant without creating an attachment point. So, the first part of the procedure involves the surgical placement of a “post” into the jawbone.

This post will then hold your synthetic tooth in place. After a period of “osseointegration” and recovery, in which the implant bonds with the bone, we use state-of-the-art imaging systems and dental lab techniques to craft your natural-looking synthetic tooth or teeth.

Once affixed, patients enjoy a functional and aesthetic transformation. We also offer numerous options, including bridges, crowns, dentures, and All-on-4® dental implants for our patients, depending on one’s particular needs.

Win back your spectacular smile

A dental implant, or dental implants, can give back your function and beautiful smile. This treatment can also help prevent future problems related to missing teeth, including infections or the shifting of adjacent teeth. And with our cutting-edge imaging and fabrication techniques, your new tooth can restore your bite and comfort with a wonderfully natural look in Bellmead, TX.

Don’t suffer from a missing tooth or teeth any longer; get in touch with our caring team today to explore your options at ACE Dental of Bellmead. We are open on Saturdays and accept TRICARE insurance.

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