Indications That You Should Visit a Dentist for a Tooth Crown

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Experiencing tooth discomfort could harm your dental wellness and signify several conditions. During a dental checkup at ACE Dental of Bellmead, our Bellmead, TX dentists can look at your teeth and gums to figure out if you could benefit from a dental crown. A dental crown is created if there is a cavity in a tooth and there isn’t a sufficient amount of native enamel remaining for it to perform adequately. Additionally, crowns can cover a chipped tooth, after a root canal, and to top off dental implants. Custom crowns safeguard the remaining area of the enamel from being damaged and keep your jaw alignment intact.

All about dental crowns

Placing a crown requires a couple of appointments at our Bellmead, TX facility. At your initial visit, we take digital scans of your teeth and gums and look at the tooth needing treatment and the nearby teeth to make sure you have a suitable amount of bone tissue to keep the dental crown in position. In the event that we identify severe cavities, we might perform a root canal. Once your exam is over, our team will get an impression so that a custom-made crown can be placed for ideal placement. An interim dental crown is created and set until you come back for your last visit. We will then take off your short-term restoration, clean your tooth, and set your crown during this visit.

Situations that may call for a dental crown

Our dentists help Bellmead, TX patients at ACE Dental of Bellmead understand if a porcelain crown is necessary for their oral wellness. There are numerous possible indications that you could require a crown, like:

  • Breaking the enamel
  • Needing a dental bridge
  • Teeth grinding
  • Noticing a large cavity

Will I need a new crown years from now?

Crowns don’t last forever because they will deteriorate over the years. Although, with adequate oral hygiene, dental crowns have the potential to withstand for many years. For your crown to be long-lasting, it has to fit comfortably, which is the reason why our experts offer a digital scan toward the end of your second appointment. An adequate home-based dental hygiene routine consisting of regular brushing and flossing, yearly dental exams, and teeth cleanings could encourage your crown to last for as long as two decades.

Find out the ways a crown might boost your oral health

Taking control of your oral wellness is the primary step to achieving a brighter, healthier smile. At ACE Dental of Bellmead, our team provides individuals with crowns for different dental care situations. After a yearly evaluation, we can find out if a porcelain crown could elevate your overall well-being. To arrange a consultation and figure out if you could benefit from a crown, contact our dental facility in Bellmead, TX as soon as possible.

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