How Often Should I Bleach My Enamel for a Whiter Smile?

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When you are seeking accessible approaches to boost the appearance of your smile, teeth brightening is a terrific choice. If you're looking for corrective dentistry procedures in Bellmead, TX, our team at ACE Dental of Bellmead can check your teeth and supply expert advice. We offer both medical-grade and home-based teeth whitening solutions for patients. Achieving a lighter and lighter smile is simple thanks to our professional teeth whitening treatments.

How often should I bleach my teeth?

Essentially, this will range by each individual. Our dentists usually suggest one professionally administered teeth bleaching treatment each year with follow-up at-home bleaching sessions in between. Still, every patient will follow a customized treatment schedule based on their present dental health and the shade of their tooth surface. At a preliminary visit, our dental professional can supply further specifics concerning your oral wellness.

Is teeth whitening bad for your enamel?

Teeth bleaching is considered to be safe, according to the ADA. At ACE Dental of Bellmead, many men and women at our Bellmead, TX facility have discovered a variety of benefits of using teeth whitening. Patients will obtain noticeable results with our professional-grade teeth whitening service. Your specific treatment plan may vary depending on your goals for your smile, which we will review when you come in for your smile makeover consultation. Even though do-it-yourself teeth lightening is safe and effective, it isn’t as effective as our medical-grade teeth whitening treatment, which brightens your tooth surface by up to eight shades in about an hour.

Top teeth bleaching treatments

ACE Dental of Bellmead administers two different types of teeth bleaching treatments, which include:

  • At-home teeth lightening: This teeth bleaching system is used at home. We give you a prescription-grade teeth whitening system with personalized mouth trays. To allow you to attain the vibrant teeth you want, you will be supplied with a specially formulated gel based on your present exterior tooth tone. Our team can provide you with thorough guidelines to ensure you attain ideal results.
  • Professional-strength teeth whitening: We perform Zoom! WhiteSpeed teeth bleaching at our Bellmead, TX location. During only one visit, it's possible to whiten your teeth by up to eight shades. During this process, our dentist will delicately cover the mouth tissues so that they aren’t swollen during the process. After that, a peroxide-containing agent is coated on the teeth, which is activated with our specialized curing lamp. This method is readministered in 15-minute increments. Dentist-performed teeth lightening offers much faster results compared to a home-based teeth brightening system.

Best way to maintain white teeth

Maintaining your dazzling smile isn’t difficult. Standard oral appointments, in addition to an effective dental hygiene regimen, will help support robust teeth and gums. In the event that you are consuming meals and drinks that ordinarily darken the teeth, it's best to cleanse your teeth and gums with water after you eat. Sipping through a straw will help to avert discoloration from happening on the tooth surface, too.

Consequences of bleaching teeth too frequently

When you whiten your smile too often, you may feel a degree of tooth discomfort or pain. In severe situations, you may have inflamed or bleeding gum tissues as an adverse reaction to the bleaching solution, which contains peroxide. If someone whitens their teeth excessively, they may also experience thinning of the tooth enamel, which may cause painful sensitivity and irritation.

Discover more about the top teeth bleaching treatments in Bellmead, TX

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic oral treatment used to enhance a smile that is yellow or stained. Our team at ACE Dental of Bellmead performs teeth bleaching to safely and effectively brighten the tone of a patient’s existing enamel. After a comprehensive dental examination, we can identify if teeth whitening would be a recommended option for you. Any other needed dental procedures should be performed before teeth bleaching. By having in-office teeth bleaching, you can attain the smile you are seeking. To find out more regarding cosmetic dental treatments, we encourage you to contact our experienced staff in Bellmead, TX to book a consultation.

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