Do I Need Emergency Dental Care for An Abscessed Tooth?

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An abscessed tooth can be a dangerous situation that requires emergency dental care in Bellmead, TX because it can produce intense pain and potentially lead to tooth loss. Any time you have a dental emergency, you'll need a qualified emergency dentist nearby. If you have an abscessed tooth, contact the dentists at ACE Dental of Bellmead to receive immediate treatment and relief.

What is an abscessed tooth?

When a tooth is abscessed, a small collection of pus forms, usually in the root, causing moderate to severe pain. The pus develops due to a bacterial infection in the area. The infection that triggers the dental abscess can come from many sources, such as an injury to the tooth structure or a cavity that hasn’t been treated and allows bacteria to enter and move toward the nerves in the tooth. Some old dental work that hasn’t been replaced as necessary or maintained well may also trigger the infection, including in cases where a decayed dental structure appears under a crown or bridge.

How can you tell you have an abscessed tooth?

You may not be able to easily spot an abscessed tooth because the symptoms are similar to many other dental conditions that require a visit to the emergency dentist. Intense pain that will not go away is the most common concern you may experience if you have an abscessed tooth. The pain can move toward the jaw and neck, plus the irritation can become worse when you’re chewing or biting something.

You may also develop facial redness or swollen gums from the abscess. The tooth could also become loose or discolored. Some patients will experience an unusual taste in their mouth that doesn’t go away. A fever could also develop in some situations, although that is a common sign of many dental issues.

How is an abscessed tooth treated?

Once you arrive for your scheduled appointment at ACE Dental of Bellmead, our dental staff will complete a dental x-ray of your teeth to identify if you have an abscess and where it is located. After we spot the infected tooth, we determine the proper treatment you'll need depending on its location and intensity.

Sometimes, the abscess will require draining and flushing to clear the bacteria that triggered the infection. A root canal may also be required to remove any infected tissue in the region.

The entire tooth may require extraction if the infection has spread too far or the abscess has damaged the tooth beyond repair. The abscess will be drained after the tooth is removed, as the damaged tooth structure may have kept the dentist from being able to reach the abscess. Antibiotics may also be necessary for situations where the infection has spread to other parts of the body.

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An abscessed tooth in Bellmead, TX is a dental emergency that requires immediate attention to reduce further pain and damage to your health. If you are suffering from a painful infected tooth, contact the dental team at ACE Dental of Bellmead for immediate emergency dental care. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call. We are even open on Saturdays for your convenience.

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